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Since 2010 Carlyle Law has been providing quality and superior legal services to our legal customers. We take pride in providing our clients the very best possible of legal services at a competitive price because without whom we would not exist and we will strive every day to live up to their expectations of us by providing concentrated effort to satisfying their needs in every way possible.

We recognise that one of the vital keys to any successful law firm is to have a focused practice with clearly definable and distinguishing objectives. We think the following features set us apart from other law firms and are reasons why clients choose to work with us :-

1. We are a niche firm. We are focused because we do not attempt to cover a full range of clientele and practice areas, we have been able to develop a thorough and in-depth understanding of our market sector, our clients and their requirements.

2. We have the expertise. More than half of our lawyers are qualified and have practised in two or more jurisdictions. We know the standards required by sophisticated business clients and are able to handle most enquiries from investors, entrepreneurs, listed and private companies, multi-national corporations, banks and financial institutions.

3. We ensure consistent high quality service. We work in closely supervised teams. No work will be passed to a junior lawyer to work unsupervised. With regular meetings and reports to clients, we ensure constant high standards and close communication with clients.

4. We work within your deadlines. Our teamwork and carefully managed work allocation system ensure clients' instructions receive the attention and response they deserve.

5. We ensure value. We offer competitive fee rates. We also discuss client objectives to produce effective solutions and implement appropriate strategies instead of producing solutions which are suitable to the convenience of the handling lawyers.

6. We are constantly improving our abilities. We are constantly reviewing and improving our client management, in-house technology, continuing legal and other training to keep adding value to and upgrading our know-how and service capabilities.

Our lawyers assume significant responsibility early and work closely with supervising lawyers to tackle the challenging but rewarding work. We look for lawyers who are multi skilled, entrepreneurial and able to take a creative approach to solving the issues and matters faced by our clients.

We provide continuing education and training to ensure the continued development of our lawyers' skills and abilities. If there is anything that you would like to discuss please do contact us as early advice can often eliminate worries and reduce costs. We look forward to working with you.

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